Limestone Flooring

Limestone is a natural stone material and is a popular choice as a flooring and paving material for both indoors and out. Limestone is tough and durable with a natural riven texture, making it the ideal choice for use around swimming pools, paths and bathrooms where its non slip properties are highly valued.

Our Indian Limestone is ethically sourced and has a very fine grain which makes it very tough, non-porous and non-slip. Limestone is a natural and beautiful addition to any home, giving a stylish and classic look that is not only timeless but versatile, hard wearing and will increase the value and style of any home whether traditional or modern.

Limestone tiles should be professionally sealed in order to protect them from staining, penetration of dirt and colour fading. Once properly sealed, Limestone tiles are stain and moisture resistant and can be used in any room of the home. Limestone is easy to maintain with the added value of being hypoallergenic, allergen and bacteria resistant and make a great addition for a healthy and clean family living environment.

Limestone will not only make your home stand out from the crowd but will give you years of a long lasting quality flooring that is both elegant and stylish with a sensation of softness that completely contradicts its solid durability.

Limestone comes in a wide range of styles, colours and pattern options that look magnificent in any setting. With finishes ranging from the rugged that brings a traditional appeal through to the more modern honed variety with a smoother finish and a contemporary look, there is a Limestone tile that will bring your home to life and create a designer feel that will be truly envied.

The natural intrinsic fossil veins in Limestone add a texture and uniqueness that make every floor exclusive. Limestone tiles bring a timeless beauty that will increase as time goes by, softening and deepening in colour as they age. Protect them with a sealer and a coat of stone wax every few years and your Limestone tiles will love you back with a beauty that is second to none.

Limestone has been used as a flooring material for thousands of years. The natural beauty of Limestone and its ability to bring a touch of the outdoors inside your home is just one of the reasons that Limestone has become so popular in recent years. Limestone comes in some wonderful vibrant shades of blue that is not available in other stone. Limestone is created from sand and the shells of aquatic life and therefore small fossils and shells are often inherent in its construction. This produces a quality which only adds to its exquisiteness.

Being a sedimentary stone, Limestone reacts to acidic substances such as wine and vinegar, but with the correct sealing is the perfect choice for kitchen flooring as well as walls and countertops. Limestone is soft to the touch with a natural non-slip surface that combines the gentle and tough being an ideal complementary addition to any home.

Limestone may not be the cheapest option when it comes to tiling but when taken as a long term decision, it stands alone as an extremely cost effective choice. Limestone tiles will not only enhance your home but bring added value with a touch of class and sophistication that will last for generations.

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