Sandstone Flooring

Sandstone pavers are formed from sedimentary rock, being mainly composed of calcium carbonate, quartz and iron oxide. The sedimentary rock of natural Sandstone is the process of hundreds and thousands of year’s association with life at the bottom of the ocean, beaches and within riverbeds. Natural Sandstone encompasses all the elements of the ocean, the beach, the rivers and the sand from our earth. Sand becomes sandstone when it is compacted by the pressure of overlying deposits and the pore spaces between the sand grains become cemented by the precipitation of minerals which then determine the colour of natural Sandstone.

The cementing materials will determine the colour of natural Sandstone which range from white and buff, through to yellows, pinks, reds and black. The range of colours and the beauty of Sandstone make it a popular choice for landscaping. Sandstone pavers are porous stones, and allow the penetration of water, which make them the ultimate choice for outside areas. Sandstone can withstand time and wet weather and still retain their natural beauty.

Sandstone pavers are perfect for pool areas as well as cladding and veneering. The versatility and natural elegance of Sandstone has always made Sandstone a popular choice bringing a touch of nature that is truly timeless.

One of the great benefits of using Sandstone is it is easy to install, being both durable and versatile. Coming in a variety of dimensions and colours, Sandstone has a rich, natural appeal that will fit in with any surroundings.

Sandstone will last a lifetime, and with correct maintenance will look as good as the day it was installed in 10 or 20 years time. Natural Sandstone will not fade or discolour and with a naturally high resistance to salt, is the perfect choice for areas where water is a constant feature.

Professional sealing of your Sandstone Pavers is highly recommended as it will protect them from staining and damage. When cleaning Sandstone, you should avoid using alkaline, acid, ammonia and bleach which may break down the sealing material. Using a neutral cleaning solution on your Sandstone Pavers which is formulated for natural stones such as Sandstone is strongly advised.

Sandstone is not just a good investment that will enhance your home and add value. Sandstone will reflect your love of a classic, elegant and natural material that will be admired for generations to come.

Because Natural Sandstone is eco-friendly, being mined from the earth it is the ideal choice when looking for a stone which is natural, beautiful and hardwearing as well as environmentally friendly.

Sandstone Pavers can be easily cut into shape and are not brittle like some materials which require high-tech equipment to shape them. Sandstone is soft, yet hard enough to withstand all the elements that nature bestows.

Sandstone is an excellent choice if you want to introduce stone inside your home. Sandstone is often used to make feature fireplaces that are truly magnificent. Sandstone has been loved for centuries and provides a richness and elegance like no other. Wherever you decide to use Sandstone, you can be assured of a look that will be elegant, timeless and naturally beautiful for generations to come.