Sawn Sandstone Flooring

Sawn Sandstone is a distinct range in Sandstone paving. Sandstone blocks are cut by multi-disc circular sawing machines with the sawn Sandstone strips calibrated, polished, bevelled, chamfered, cut and finished to exact dimensions by the marble processing machines. Sawn Sandstones can have a natural sawn look or a polished finish and come in a wide range of sizes and thicknesses.

Sawn Sandstone paving can make a real statement, with its contemporary look and its smooth crisp finish it is a real eye catcher. Sawn Sandstone is elegant and clean looking with the added benefit of remaining firm and slip resistant underfoot, making it a great choice for areas around swimming pools and wet-rooms where the risk of slipping can be a problem.

Coming in a range of colours and size options, Sawn Sandstone can be given a designer feel that is unique to you. With its natural colour variations, Sawn Sandstone can be bold and vibrant or cool and serene, there is a look that will suit everyone.

Sawn Sandstone paving is a popular designerís choice when looking to achieve a contemporary modern look. Sawn Sandstone brings the natural beauty of stone together with a chic polished quality that is truly beautiful. Imagine an Italian garden with clean cut lines and unfussy borders. Sawn Sandstone is a garderís dream and will enhance the clean sculptured lines of an understated garden to bring a look that is uniquely exquisite, polished, precise and tastefully luxurious.

Although Sawn Sandstone looks expensive, it is durable with and the correct maintenance will last a lifetime. Being naturally colour and fade resistant, Sawn Sandstone will withstand all that nature throws at it and still come out looking as good as new.

Sawn Sandstone is easily to install and soft enough to cut into shape without the use of specialist equipment. Natural Sandstone is soft underfoot which belies its tough, longwearing qualities and makes it the ideal choice for the growing family and high traffic areas.

Although Sandstone is hard wearing, all stone is porous and it is recommended a sealer is used to prevent staining. Cleaning with a PH neutral cleaning product will also prevent acid damage and keep your Sawn Sandstone looking as good as new.

Sawn Sandstone not only looks magnificent, it is a long term investment that can only add value to your home. Lasting for generations, your Sawn Sandstone paving will look even better with age and prove to be a value for money addition that will be admired by all for years to come.

If you want to add prestige and value to your property the smooth contemporary beauty of Sawn Sandstone will not disappoint. Sawn Sandstone can be cut to a variety of size options from uniform cut pavers to random sizes, leaving you the choice of creating a unique designer feel that is entirely your own. Sawn Sandstone is a soft, versatile stone with a hidden toughness that combines the rough with the smooth. Sandstone brings a warm feel that is loved throughout the world, and valued by all.

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