Slate Flooring

Slate is a fine-grained foliated metamorphic rock developed by the alteration of sedimentary rock made up of clay or volcanic ash by low grade regional metamorphism. Slate has been popular for a wide variety of uses within the building industry such as roofing, flooring and flagging due to its tough, hard wearing properties as well as its attractive appearance.

Slate is frequently grey in colour but comes in a variety of colours from blue/greys, greens through to dramatic black and often varies due to the locality it is sourced from. When cut in the quarry, many slates will form smooth flat sheets of stone which are primarily used for roofing and floor tiles. All our slate is produced from the Minas Gerais region of Brazil, where it is mined by environmentally and socially conscious producers.

Slate tiles have become a popular flooring choice in recent years. A slate floor is extremely durable, especially in heavy traffic areas such as an entrance hall. Slate tiles are naturally slip-resistant, non porous and are resilient to fire and water, making them the ideal choice for bathrooms, kitchens or pool areas.

Investing in a Slate floor can prove a long-term saving. A Slate floor will not fade with age and often becomes more beautiful as time goes by producing a look that is timeless, elegant and designed from nature itself. Natural Slate compliments almost any interior design scheme from traditional to modern. Slate tiles can be cut into a range of shapes and sizes, allowing you to create an eye-catching flooring scheme and with choices of naturally smooth or rough surfaces, there is a slate tile that will enhance any decor.

Slate is a popular material for both inside and outside the home and looks both stunning when used for flooring, fireplaces, countertops, wet rooms etc as well as patios, pool surrounds and all landscape features.

With its wonderful heat-resistant and power insulating properties, Slate tiles can transfer heat rapidly causing them to warm quickly and retain heat for long periods of time. Slate tiles are the ideal choice for under-floor heating. What can be nicer than leaving a warm shower on a cold day and treading onto a warm slate heated floor, total bliss?

Slate tiles are easy to maintain and although slate is impervious and really needs no seal or treatment, having your slate floor professional sealed on installation will protect it from dirt and staining and make cleaning a simple task. A properly maintained, sealed slate floor will last for generations and give decades of functionality and aesthetic appeal.

If you are looking for natural beauty, performance and endurance in your flooring, there is nothing that will compare with the high quality of slate. Slate is the perfect choice for residential and commercial buildings and will stand up to the heaviest traffic areas with minimal care.

Slate is a designer’s choice because it can be adapted to suit any purpose in design, is versatile with a natural beauty that can work with any number of design concepts for your home. When choosing Slate, you can be sure of a material that will not only give you that “wow” factor but that will serve you with a durability and beauty that is hard to beat.

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