Z Clad

An innovative way of creating a natural stone wall.  It can be used to landscape gardens, clad houses or other buildings, as fire surrounds or feature walls.  It is fixed to a block wall with adhesive and has steel clips which can be drilled into the wall for additional support. 

Construction involves minimal wastage and once in place requires no maintenance. Each piece has a dressed rather than swan edge which makes the individual slabs difficult to identify once on the wall so the whole thing looks like a naturally constructed stone wall.  The stepped ends make it very quick easy and natural looking when going round corners. 

The ease of construction makes it very cost effective as it is estimated that in a day it is possible to construct ten times as much of the Z-clad than random rubble walling.  Plus you do not need any specialist labour or equipment. 

Each box contains 1/3m Sq with 1# 200x200mm 1#400x200mm and 2#600x200mm    Within a pallet there are 12m sq

The required tools are: Tape measure, spirit level, grinder, knotched trowel, rubber mallet and drill. 

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